Providing Investor Relations, Corporate Communications and Consulting Services for Micro to Small-Cap Sized Companies that will participate in the Market Themes of today as well as the new clean energy economy of tomorrow.

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Why micro and small caps?

Individual small cap stocks offer higher growth potential -they can grow in ways that are simply impossible for larger companies.

With market cap. and liquidity requirements most mutual funds and institutional investors find it very difficult to establish positions, giving a distinct advantage to individual investors who can spot promising companies. The challenge is to find these companies with high growth potential and to monitor the progress constantly- that is where REFC comes in, potentially benefitting both management and investors alike”

Building a company is the business of its management- communicating that story is ours, raising market awareness and visibility to help bring shareholder value. Executing specific communication solutions for each company’s unique circumstances.

Redwood EFC’s investor relations services are focused on finding the right people to hear that story.

We tailor our investor relations plans to meet business growth and development goals. As a company successfully achieves business milestones, our investor relations plan communicates these successes to the market through a variety of effective media platforms. 

There are thousands of public companies out there for investors to wade through – communicating that story to the right investors, at the right time, is of the utmost importance and will help stand out above the rest.
It is not the quantity of introductions organized, but the quality that matters most.

With over 30 years of market experience and 2 decades in investor relations, Redwood EFC can be relied upon to optimize investor relations outreach needs and use the right tools to make all the difference.

We consider each partnership with portfolio companies as long term. We plan to be associated with each company for years and not months and will always address the investor relations strategy as the best way to suit those individual needs. As a boutique IR firm, we can easily pivot our strategy as those needs entail.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer top investor relations solutions and consulting services to growth focused micro and small cap companies, encouraging growth, prosperity and actualization of corporate goals

What We Do

With an extensive database of retail brokers, institutional portfolio managers and industry analysts, Redwood EFC is able to offer custom IR solutions that include: 

About Redwood Empire Financial Communications

Michael Bayes,
Founder Mr. Bayes was born in London, UK and began working early in life, with business taking him to China, Saudi Arabia, Scotland and England – allowing him an incredibly varied look at the business world. He then moved to the US and began a successful career as an investment advisor, working for both regional brokerage firms and large wire houses. Later, life then led him into the world of investor relations where he advanced to the role of president of a premier California based IR firm.

Redwood Empire Financial Communications has the experience to successfully help your company in setting up meetings, road shows and presentations around the world. Success in these areas can greatly improve valuations and aid in helping investors to fully appreciate your company’s investment story.

Practice Areas

Oil and Gas Production

Have we reached ‘peak production’ in the oil and gas space? Despite the move to cleaner energy and electrification demand for oil and gas is expected to continue growing. Additional capacity will be required to meet both demand growth as well as decline from existing projects – all at a time that has seen significant under investment in new projects.

Critical Minerals for Clean Energy

As the world transitions to clean energy there will be significant increases in demand for electric power generation and energy storage. 
With the undeniable growth in electric vehicles and Lithium-Ion batteries the need for critical minerals is unprecedented.
And with an over reliance on foreign supply (Russia for uranium and China for graphite and rare earth metals) it is increasingly important to develop reliable domestic supplies.

Life Sciences/Drug Development

Life Sciences and Drug Development presents investors with typically a high risk and high reward scenario in the micro-cap world. The best potential reward could come from a late-stage clinical trial company with strong patent and drug portfolios.

Precious Metals

Will gold be the best performing market sector this decade? Some believe it will be. 
Gold is the most high-profile precious metal and consistently generates attention from the media. It is looked upon as a safe store of value when there are systemic financial concerns and if inflation persists people will look towards gold as a hedge.

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